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A selection of our clients:

What we offer

Federated Machine Learning as-a-service

BranchKey offers enterprise grade cloud and on-prem solutions to manage your federations from development to production using state-of-the-art modeling techniques. The cloud infrastructure is 100% European and offers lightweight APIs to manage deployments following industry standards (e.g., REST and AMQP protocols). Our platform is system agnostic and language independent, but for Python users we maintain a Python-SDK via PyPi.

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Monitoring dashboards

ML-Deployment Management

We offer dashboards to investigate the health of your federated machine learning deployments at any time. Federation management and access can be controlled via our platform. User rights can be granted and revoked to effectively share resources and knowledge of federations with others in your organisation. 

Custom Solutions and Implementation Support

BranchKey works closely with our clients during onboarding and use of our platform. We support in federating existing machine learning solutions and co-develop novel machine learning models with our clients across industries and use cases.

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BranchKey’s platform was born in 2018 out of necessity when working with sensitive image data. Since then, we have worked on numeric, text and vision data with clients in healthcare, defense, energy, shipping and machinery to federate machine learning solutions. 

We are a remote company first and maintain a presence in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. Since 2021 we’re backed by StartCapital Partners and the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO). Our team includes experienced computer scientists, machine learning engineers,  mathematicians and data experts from various industries.

Latest Blogs

We occasionally post blogs related to our work