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Our federated learning environments allow data scientists to deliver better services and products to your end users by collaborating safely.

What we offer

Overview of the services BranchKey provides

Federation Management

Get an overview of your active Machine Learning models (or as we call them; leaf-nodes) in real-time. Manage a Federation of machine learners to solve one common goal. Our management dashboard allows for each leaf-node to communicate their learnings without exposing any sensitive data through privacy enhanced Federated Learning.

Standardised Models and Compatibility

Use our Branch Configuration toolkit to standardise model architectures for your projects. Communicate the model requirements to your leaf nodes, allowing different implementations to integrate seamlessly. Vendor lock-in, bad datasets, nor bad interfaces should get in the way of your goal.

Easy to use Interfaces

We support all difficulties. Start out on our GUI web application, experiment with our straight-forward Python Software Development Kit (SDK) shown here, and level up to the hardcore fully featured REST API for maximum flexibility.
Not what your looking for? See our documentation, tutorials, or ask a question on our support page.

How we Work

Our straight forward process to get started.

Prototype Your Project

Create your BranchKey account.
Deploy your models to mulitple datasets.
You're ready to federate using our straight-forward and well documented API's.

We Support Your Requirements

Behind the scenes our system offers you the ability to change your aggregation algorithm, tweak federation parameters, view model version history, and many more customisable settings.

Pay For What You Use

Once you're ready for production, we offer a range of premium features that keep enterprise grade systems alive and healthy. Monitor and track your history on a custom management dashboard. Grant user access control for teams to collaborate. As a premium user you can request specific features and live support.

Do you have specific questions or needs?

We want to help and support you to distribute your systems and unlock the full potential, get in touch!

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