BranchKey Platform

Federated machine learning as a service

The BranchKey Platform simplifies the management of decentralised FedML entities (learn more here). Its federation aggregation engine handles model aggregation and maintains master model hyper parameters, eliminating the need for manual configuration. The platform enables efficient model fine-tuning. The BranchKey Platform manages even the most complex federated networks, empowering data scientists, machine learning engineers, and business owners alike.

Get access via our Web application or use our REST APIs.


The BranchKey Python client is a powerful SDK designed to simplify access to the BranchKey Platform’s REST APIs. It enables edge devices to participate in the federation with minimal configuration. With  streamlined functionality, this Python client enables developers to leverage the power of the BranchKey Platform.

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Monitoring Services

Monitoring dashboards

Our Monitoring Services provide engineers with a comprehensive view of deployment health and performance through a single, user-friendly interface. With real-time monitoring and intuitive visualizations, this powerful tool makes it easy to identify and resolve issues efficiently, ensuring that your ML models are performing at their best. 

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Data Storage

Our data storage services ensure the highest levels of security and compliance. Located in the Netherlands and with robust infrastructure and cutting-edge security features, your data is protected at all times, while also benefiting from fast and reliable access to your critical machine learning assets.

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We make machine learning innovation simple with our documentation [Link], API docs [Link] and Python SDK [Link].

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