Our Industries

Maritime & Industrial

Industrial equipment operators and manufacturers have a unique challenge in addressing data sharing. Our clients range from equipment operators that generate the data, to the equipment manufactures without access to operational data. Our federated learning approach enables equipment manufacturers and operators across multiple suppliers to work together in improving algorithm performance.

Energy & Infrastructure

Grid management happens on local, municipal, national, and international levels. Each stakeholder in the operation of the grid only has a small view of the total system. Our solution, operated by municipal and energy producers, supports these individual data owners to collectively build smarter control systems and balance load.

Financial Services

In regulated financial markets there are obligations to monitor transaction behaviour in retail and capital markets. BranchKey works with clients to enable access to cross-organisation data analysis to build a federated picture of network transactions. From KYC, AML, to insider trading, and compliance across the BaFin, Finma, and AFM.

Security & Defense

Highly sensitive data can not be shared across organisations and country borders. BranchKey works with national defense and security companies across multiple European countries to support shared algorithm building. We ensure no private data is exposed from these individual sites.