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A selection of our clients:

What we offer

Monitoring dashboards

Federated Machine Learning as-a-service

BranchKey offers enterprise grade cloud and on-prem solutions to manage your federations from development to production using state-of-the-art modeling techniques. 

The cloud infrastructure is 100% European offering lightweight APIs to rapidly deploy to scale. Our platform is application agnostic and language independent, but for Python users we maintain a Python-SDK via PyPi.

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Machine Learning Deployment Management

Our system provides you with a management overview of algorithms in production, performance metrics, stability, and load. This gives you the oversight to manage your cognitive systems as your applications scale.

When ready to go to scale, customers can seamlessly deploy their applications using our federated learning deployment architecture.


Machine Learning Development Services

Need help in getting ahead in your Machine learning systems? We specialise in building cognitive services for your organisation. With a ground-up approach to building ML software that integrates with your existing stack and processes. Our expertise covers applications such as computer vision, signal processing, NLP, condition monitoring, and various other industrial applications.

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BranchKey was founded in 2019 in Ireland addressing privacy related issues with machine learning on healthcare imagery. Since then, we have expanded our privacy first approach on to numeric, text, and vision data with clients in defence, energy, logistics, and industrial machinery across the DACH, Benelux, and British Isles. Building systems for customers and federating a wide range of machine learning solutions. 

Our unique approach does not require your data to be shared with third parties to achieve results. We believe it’s important our clients own and operate their own machine learning stack to protect data security and maintain a competitive edge through high quality engineered solutions and in-house knowledge transfer.

Latest Blogs

We occasionally post blogs related to our work