The journey from Python to GoLang

File History Service: Overview

Enhancing our consumer platform to provide federated learning at scale. From a software engineer’s perspective, BranchKey provides a consumer platform which exposes APIs to perform federated learning and download the aggregated results. We authenticate and authorise every incoming request using our in-house solutions, cache the input files, asynchronously aggregate them, and notify the clients when an aggregation […]

The Hidden use of Federated Learning to Auction Adverts in your Browser – FLEDGE

The Hidden use of Federated Learning to Auction Adverts in your Browser – FLEDGE It’s a general rule that if you’re using a company’s product and not paying, then you are the product. A recent application of Federated Learning we’ve come across is Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). Strangely enough, FLoC never actually used […]

A Federated approach to Cyber Resiliency

Building Redundancy and Cyber-Resiliency into Intelligent Control Systems by design using Federated Learning. The cyber security domain is an area that benefits immensely from collaboration. Parties can work together to address mutual threats, such as intelligent anomaly detection across private networks without sharing the data in these networks. Whether prompted by ongoing wars on our […]

Learning from our mistakes in Golang

Two of the bugs we encountered in our Golang code, which were most easily resolvable, but took us a long time to debug Programmers may agree that writing application code is a venturesome task in itself, for you can’t predict which line could result in the most bizarre bug ever. Of course, we perform basic […]

Privacy is about you

What we share with each other and what we then do with this information starts at the respect we have for each other. Something that is easily forgotten online is individual privacy. Giving out our information is such an easy thing to do when it’s a big green “Accept” button. In this post, we want […]

Self-hosting Gitlab CI/CD Runners

Provisioning Gitlab runners on AWS with an optimised infrastructure design In this age of agile development over containerised microservices, manual deployment is too cumbersome of a process. Keeping a tab of the versions deployed on all environments for each microservice, provisioning an upgraded deployment at the development of every new feature or bug fix, maintaining […]